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All your 3D printing needs in one software.

Zaxe Ecosystem

Remote Device Management From a Single Point

Manage multiple devices through Wi-Fi or cable connection remotely and take full control of your manufacturing line.

Zaxe xDesktop

Advanced Slicer

If you are already an experienced 3D printer user, you can take advantage of the advanced slicer section on your xDesktop. You have countless options for your printer setup and are free to experiment to get your desired results.

Zaxe xDesktop

Intuitive Design

Our UI engineers set out to create an easy 3D printing experience so even the non-technical staff can participate in the printing process to make your business more agile. Understand the basics of 3D printing with xDesktops intuitive design in a matter of minutes. If you get stuck, you can get extra information from the (?) section above the slider.

Zaxe xDesktop

Remote Printer Control

xDesktop enables you to manage multiple printers from a single point. You can monitor the printing process and make setting adjustments on all your printers without the hassle of having to set up multiple computers for the job.

Simplicity is always powerful!

Discover the unique printing experience provided by the powerfull software infrastructure combined with the user-friendly interface.

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