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Zaxe xCloud

Stay connected to your printer wherever you go.

xCloud enables you to monitor your printing process remotely. You can watch your model getting printed live through the camera in your printer.

Remote Control

Thanks to the Cloud integration and Wi-Fi module, Your 3D Printer will always be with you with xCloud. Send prints, examine the materials and settings, monitor your prints remotely and get notified for all updates automatically sent to your printer to keep maximum efficiency.

Zaxe xCloud

Stay Connected

Connecting with your printer has never been so easy and simple. Just scan the QR code on the 7'' Capacitive screen with your xCloud app and enjoy the live stream of your print whenever you are thanks to the built-in camera in Zaxe Z3S.

Try it Yourself

Try Zaxe's newest app, xCloud. You can test all functions of xCloud using the mobile phone on the right.

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Print of My Zaxe Z3 is done.

Activate Cloud Services on your Zaxe and scan the QR code
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Zaxe xCloud
Zaxe xCloud

Simplicity is always powerful!

Discover the unique printing experience provided by the powerful software infrastructure combined with the user-friendly interface.