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Zaxe in Automation

Work for function instead of fit using Zaxe 3D Printers and get prepared to reach new heights in production quality and consistency.

Zaxe automation Industry

What Zaxe Offers

to the Automation Industry

As Zaxe, we provide you with our Zaxe Z3S or X3 Printers so that you can print your designs on your desktop without the hustle of making repair parts or models for your automation system yourself in traditional ways.

Zaxe 3D Printing automation Industry


With Zaxe 3D Printers

  • Zaxe 3D Printing automation Industry

    On-Site Spare Part Production

    Zaxe allows you to maintain and repair your gear to support your production line without the hassle of going through a third-party manufacturer. Zaxe Z3S is able to create precise, functional, and durable parts quicker than any other method with the added benefit of allowing you to experiment with improved prototypes. You can monitor the process remotely using xCloud.

  • Zaxe 3D Printing automation Industry

    Dimensional Accuracy

    Work with our world-class dimensional accuracy and geometrical detail to create spare parts that offer the best function. Experiment with Zaxe Z3S’s pinpoint accuracy to get the best level of detail you can ask for with a resolution of 25-microns. There is no limit to the level of utility and productivity that can be achieved with Zaxe Z3S.

  • Zaxe 3D Printing automation Industry

    Hands-Off Approach to Manufacturing

    While the traditional manufacturing methods can require multiple workers to operate a machine at once to achieve maximum productivity, that is not the case for 3D printing. After the initial setup process is over, lay back and let the Zaxe Z3S 3D printer work its magic and save your business countless man-hours. You can even monitor the process easily and remotely using xCloud.

Touch the Future in Your Industry

Producers can 3D print low-cost parts that can be used to assess the flow of space, accessories, and all smallest components. Zaxe 3D Printers can either be a valuable part of your automated production line or support it with a steady supply of spare parts.


for Your Industry

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with the Help of Zaxe 3D Printers

Zaxe 3D Printer can help your industry in countless ways. Lead the way in innovation and stay ahead of the curve by implementing contemporary methods.

Optimized for Your Industry

Zaxe 3D Printers allow every member of your crew to become a part of the production process thanks to its user-friendly interface. With the capacitive touchscreen on our 3D printers, world-class prints are only a touch away.

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Agile, scalable 3D printing presents manufacturers with one of the biggest opportunities available today. Let us help you achieve the productivity gains you need to propel your organization to new levels of competitive success one 3D printed part at a time.

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Zaxe Z3S 3D Printer

Optimize Your Production Efficiency

Zaxe Z3S 3D Printer

Experience Precise tolerance precision at maximum speed! Get fast and stable with its CoreXY mechanical structure. The new generation E3D titanium print head ensures you always get the highest performance.

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