Zaxe 3D Printers

Smart, Simple, Durable

New Z series is designed as perfect solution for professionals

User Friendly Software

Witness the perfection! While adapting to 3D printing process quickly with user-friendly XDesktop, get advanced print quality with advanced slicer algorithm.

zaxe ekosistem

Not just a printer! Impressive Ecosystem

Zaxe is more than 3d printer manufacturer which provides 3D printing solutions.

Zaxe ecosystem involves filament, software, hardware which are specially designed for your personal device.
Zaxe’s extensive ecosystem has point-shot solutions for users special requests.

It warranties best results in the ecosystem.

3D Printing World

Discover the 3D Printing Areas of Usage


Increase the creativity of the students by Zaxe 3D printers. Lead them to produce rather than consuming. Prepare yourself for the bright future’s manufacturing technologies.


Feel the satisfaction of experiencing your design rapidly. Print, try and develop. Zaxe printers are your greatest supporters by its smooth and continuous production.


With Zaxe 3D Printers, repair broken parts, create cool objects and minimal artworks. You are one click away from over 1 million free models. Smooth, effortless and rapid!