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zaxe 3D laboratory set up at the Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions

Installation of the zaxe project “zaxe Lab” at the Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions has been completed.

zaxe Labs” have been installed at the Çamlıca, Kemerburgaz and Burçak Eyüboğlu campuses. The printers are connected to the instructors’ computers via wireless internet connection for easy tracking and sending print commands to 3D printers from anywhere within the school complex. Additionally, 3D printers that are also connected to smart boards will be capable of fast, wireless printout of the objects drawn or displayed on the boards during the class.

Partnering with the Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions with the zaxe X1 printer zaxe provided support for the course curriculum within the scope of STEM through educational materials and content suitable for 3D printers as well as designing training support for teachers

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