Easy to use, comprehensible, customizable

Manage all devices in one hand

Xdesktop make possible to see available printers in printer farm. You can also see loaded filament type, the diameter of the inserted nozzle and the image of printing model in devices.


Layer Preview Capability

After Slice Display show every detail flawlessly. You can set the filament change state. When filament change is in order, your Zaxe will send you an e-mail to inform you.

Remove any unwanted support structures.

If you need to avoid supports on specific areas, support blocker helps you to customization or cancellation of this parts.

It is perfect. Like the way you want.

With the perfect notification system, Zaxe informs you with a photo when your printing is done. Zaxe sends you e-mail when device ran out of filament, require maintenance or possible malfunction occurance.

Download Xdesktop now, experience user friendly interface and high quality prints.

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