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Why zaxe Desktop?


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zaxe Desktop is the free-of-charge desktop software delivered with your zaxe device. Using zaxe Desktop, you can prepare and print your designs on zaxe.

User Friendly Interface

With  zaxe Desktop’s User Friendly Interface you don’t need configure plenty of parameters. It’s fast and easy.

Print in 3 Steps

You need only your design when you use zaxe Desktop. There is 3 easy steps for printing:

  1. Add an object and press to Slice
  2. Select Quality
  3. Upload and Print

Easy to Learn

Unlike other software, zaxe Desktop allows you to make your desired, specific print settings instead of adjusting the device itself. These settings are simply as follows:

  1. Material selection
  2. Fill density
  3. Support settings
  4. Speed/quality settings

Only 4 parameters and you are ready to print!

Remote Management on Wi-Fi

zaxe’s Wi-Fi support makes it possible to remotely manage your devices via zaxe Desktop. You can monitor the print status on the spot and send remote printing commands.

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