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Why A zaxe X1 3D Printer?

zaxe X1 3D Printer

The zaxe X1 3D printer is a ready to use (Plug’n’Play) printer. You can literally start printing in 3D as soon as you take it from the box and complete a few simple steps. Once you connect your device to your local network, calibrate your print bed and load the filaments, you are ready to start.

Owing to the state of the art mechanical systems and components used in the zaxe X1 3D printer, your printed objects are of the highest quality. The software and hardware of your device (including the filament) have been designed and engineered to compliment each other.

Just load your model and let zaxe produce it for you. It’s that simple!


The network/internet connection makes it possible for your device to stay up-to-date.
The zaxe X1 3D printer is a 3D printer that can be operated online through cloud computing. The network connection is capable of sending print commands to multiple devices and allows you to monitor each printing status separately. The user friendly zaxe X1 3D printer has internet connectivity. The “Featured by zaxe” menu on your zaxe X1 3D printer downloads new models on a weekly basis for home and professional use. Models downloaded by this feature are tested by the zaxe team. You can use your device to print any object by pressing a single button. Furthermore, your device is automatically updated via the internet. Once new updates are available, zaxe will ask you for permission to update your printer to the latest version. This will make possible a consistently updated device with many new features.

zaxe guncelleme

*New generation monoblock aluminum printer head

The zaxe X1 3D printer uses a printer head that has been specifically optimized to work with zaxe filaments. Conventional printer heads are designed for non-gradual printing through a single gap. The gradual internal nozzle structure of the zaxe X1 3D printer renders it picture-perfect.

zaxe mekanik görsel

Now you can print your highly detailed models that require a long printing time without any problem.



zaxe filaments are optimized for your equipment.

zaxe filaments (ABS-PLA) are specifically designed and produced for zaxe printers. A broad spectrum of colors are available.

  • ABS filament renders rigid and strong printouts. It is a stress and temperature resistant material with a low tensile coefficient. It is also suitable for painting and any post-printing surface processing.

  • PLA filament is a polymer made of organic waste (sugar cane, corn, etc.). It has a very low elasticity coefficient. It easily attaches to the print bed and is optimal for large scale printing. Its melting temperature is lower and its temperature resistant is not very high.

zaxe abs ve pla


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