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Status of 3D Printers in Today’s World

In today’s world, we have begun to hear about 3D printers in our country and all over the world. So that makes us to ask questions in our minds. Are 3D printers the mainstream technology of the future? Are they a novelties that can turn each of us into producers and inventors in our homes, offices and our living spaces?

We live in a digitalizing world which evolves almost every day and in every field as much as possible. This speed of development and digitalization pushes us to produce new solutions in many different areas and to make innovations that will carry these solutions forward. Additive manufacturing methods and 3D printers are kind of a technology that has been thought out and brought to life. Due to the fact that additive manufacturing offers much more to users in terms of freedom and creativity compared to classical and traditional production methods. It is increasingly preferred by companies which deals with modeling, mass production and prototype issues. In this context, increasing usage and consumption rates are an anticipated development since the first years of the usage of 3D printers. However, the widespread use of 3D production technologies seems to have developed a different field, home users.

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Home users, no doubt, do not contribute to the development of 3D printers as much as today’s manufacturing companies. But the speed of innovation and digitalization that we mentioned in the beginning and the access of people to information at the speed of light are starting to provide this technology to be preferred in homes. This variation, which includes change of the production and consumption concept related with the usage of 3D printers fundamentally in today’s world, is began to be put into words with each passing day all over the world.

When we consider the speed of the additive manufacturing for spreading to the large masses, we may think that this idea is a bit far from becoming reality. As we mentioned earlier, while famous companies whose names are known to everyone, and even countries, are explaining their new innovation plans and investments in this market, we may also predict that a 3D culture of production, consumption and hobby will be created soon enough.

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