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Just keep making!

The term “Maker Movement” in fact could be simply understood as the “Do It Yourself” movement. “Maker” began becoming highly popular during the past 3-4 years.

OK, who is the “Maker” and who does it refer to? What is the whole “Maker Movement” thing l about? There definitely must have been times when you disassembled and combined electronic stuff with each other out of boredom when you were at home and had spare time on your hands. Even if you claim that you are not the electronic type, you must have tried to repair an object that was broken or lost, with the parts of other items which you took apart. And if you never did any of this, you simply could have tinkered with some handmade whirligig or built a homemade gadget. Now, each of these is a “Making” move. That is, things you create modifying (hacking) other stuff or make from scratch, perhaps an invention, a work of art, or an ornament. In fact, everything handcrafted as a hobby is described as “do it yourself”, in other words, a “Making” move. Here, the limit is you and most importantly, it is not purchased but the creation of your very own efforts.

As you know, Steve Jobs and his pal Steve Wozniak introduced “Apple 1” to fellow participants in a Maker Demo day in 1976 and made his breakthrough with one of those participating investors. It is the encouragement of such Maker endeavors in the USA back in the 1975s what made Apple what it is today.

So, how did the Maker Movement become that popular across the globe in the past 4–5 years? Actually the fact that an item that facilitates the Maker movement became mainstream and cheaper was very effective. 3D printers as you might guess. Owing to these printers, you can produce any object made of thermoplastic raw material in desired models and grab the finished invention-design in a matter of hours. A small piece of item you would search in countless shops and ironmongeries or carve from wood for many days in the old times can now be produced within a few hours and in its exact size is something incredible. Especially, these devices becoming desktop turned every house into a unique factory. Homes that turned into endless 3 dimensional print shops become less and less dependent. Nowadays, your Sundays are no longer spoiled with hours-long searches for the components needed for your broken tap or defective remote controller or cracked leg of your coffee table. Within a short time, you will turn your crazy inventions inspired by these tools into reality in just a few days. Since they completely personalize the production and reduce the need for batch manufactured products, 3D printers are also called as the 4th industry revolution. You no longer need to work for hours to find interesting ways to repair that broken piece. Just finding or developing the model yourself and send it to print will suffice. That’s why the “Maker” movement took off after 3D printers made their way into individuals homes. Just think through, project, print and create your idea and what is in your head is in your hands in a matter of hours.

Lastly, instead of buying a broken item, do try hard to repair or create that specific item yourself. If repair is not possible, you can reflect on how to produce something that would replace it. Purchasing it should be your last resort.

“To buy or to produce. That is the question”.

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