About Us

About us

Zaxe was founded in 2015. We provide the most usable, consistent and cutting-edge 3D printing solutions for both prosumer and consumer users who need not only easy to use but also reliable 3D printing technologies. Different from competitors, Zaxe is not only a 3D printer producer, it is a 3D printing solution provider that provides an ecosystem to its customers rather than a device. Zaxe ensures high quality prints with Zaxe X1, X1+, Z1, Z1+ 3D printers, Zaxe Desktop software and filaments dedicated to Zaxe devices.

Our Vision

We belive that we are on the face of the earth to make great products that advances us. To focus on sustainable innovation to create 3D Technologies that inspires our passions and empower us to achieve our educational, professional and personal goals.