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Meet The New Z3

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New Generation
E3D V6 Titanium
Print Head

User Friendly Interface

Adjust your settings in the easiest way possible. Experience the comfort of Z3’s 7″ capacitive touchscreen with a completely new and user friendly interface.

Zaxe Z3 Screen




Innovative Core XY

Mechanical System

Get a fast and stable printing experience with Z3’s Core XY mechanical structure.

New Generation Printhead

An innovative design meets high end parts in Z3’s new printhead. Bondtech gears keep the flow of filament contentious while the redesigned cooling channels and filament path allows Z3 to offer perfect results with every filament.

E3D V6 Titanium Printhead

Achieve optimal productivity without any fear of clogging with Zaxe Z3’s new E3D V6 Titanium Printhead. E3D will prolong your Z3’s service life and allow you to get the same performance after each print consistently throughout the years.

Level up with the New Design

Vibration during high-speed printing inevitably creates imperfections in your print. If the 3D printer doesn’t have a sturdy body, this can decrease the production quality. Zaxe Z3 has a sturdy aluminum body that is manufactured in one single piece. The stable frame reduces vibrations during intense printing sessions which guarantees better print quality every time you use your Z3 3D printer.

Zaxe Z3 3D PrinterZaxe Z3 3D Printer
The NewZ3

Your industrial solution partner with Wi-Fi, USB and Ethernet connectivity.

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Take your print without the need for a spatula. The flexible spring steel structure allows it to bend easily and makes pulling your print out easier.

Textured or Smooth

Always have a perfect first layer. You can choose between a smooth or textured surface according to your needs.


Thanks to its magnetic structure, it can be easily removed from the build plate and reattached effortlessly.


Zaxe Electronics


At the heart of Z3, there is the zBoard with its 32-bit processor. It is equipped with the new system-on-chip design, Raspberry Pi 5. zBoard provides the power and speed that will carry your manufacturing efficiency to new heights.

Secure and Stable Connection

Equipped with many security features to provide the safest 3D printing experience zBoard includes a fuse for every possible scenario. Each connector is equipped with noise canceling technology to give you a comfortable 3D printing experience even when multiple printers are working in the same room.

Cooling System

To prevent the motherboard from overheating during intense sessions zBoard’s temperature is kept under control with its cooling system. Even after countless hours of 3D printing this system will keep your Z3’s zBoard cool under pressure.

Fully Automatic

Z3’s new automatic calibration system completely eliminates guesswork and reduces the margin of error. Even inexperienced users can achieve perfect calibration and save time when they use their 3D printer.

Technical Information


Responsible, environmentally friendly and reliable. Z3 comes with 2 HEPA Filters that are designed to prevent the releases of odor and harmful microparticles that occur during the printing process.

110° Swing Door

We designed a hinge system with a 110° opening angle which allows users to get inside the machine comfortably for maintenance.

Colorful Guiding LEDs

Led modules interact with users by illuminating the states of the functions. They give you feed-back to describe printing phases and are noticeable from far away.

Power Loss Recovery System

Don't lose your print after a power outage. Your printing will be stopped automatically in such cases and will continue from where it left off when the power outage is over.

Zaxe - xCloud

Remote Control with


xCloud enables you to monitor your printing process remotely. You can watch your model getting printed live through the camera in your printer.

Stay connected to your printer wherever you go

Thanks to the Wi-Fi module, your 3D printer is always with you. Send prints, examine the settings and get notified by all updates automatically. Get the benefit of enhanced printing experience with the use of USB and Ethernet port options even if there is no internet connection.

The New Z3

Your industrial solution partner with Wi-Fi, USB and Ethernet connectivity.

Klipper Integrated

Zaxe Firmware

We integrated Klipper into Zaxe Firmware to achieve world class industrial performance. Klipper supports printers with multiple microcontrollers. For example, one micro-controller could be used to control an extruder, while another controls the printer's heaters, while a third controls the rest of the printer. This allows the printer to be controlled using a regular web-browser. The same Raspberry Pi that runs Klipper can also run Octoprint.

Zaxe 3D Printer Klipper

Technical Specifications

Zaxe Z3 Dimensions & Specs
Printing Properties
Nozzle Diameter0,25/0,4/0,5/0,6 mm
Layer Resolution25 - 600 Micron
Bed MaterialHeated, Flexible, Magnetic PEI Build Table
Bed Max Temp.110°C
Extruder Max Temp.300°C
3D Printer Properties
Dimensions585 x 665 x 667 mm
Build Volume400 x 300 x 350 mm
Print AreaClosed, Heat Insulated
User Panel7" Color Touch Screen
Print HeadSingle, Titanium E3D V6
CalibrationFully Automatic & Z Tilt
Power Outage ProtectionYes
Filament SensorYes
FilterHEPA + Carbon Filter
Warranty Period24 Months
Software & Connectivity
Supported File Types.stl, .amf, .gcode
ConnectionsWi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, Flash Disk
Material FeedFilament Spool
Filament Diameter1,75 mm
Supported MaterialsPLA, ABS, PETG, Nylon, Flex and Carbonfiber, Wood, Copper, Metal Filled Filaments

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